Each of our lab’s four recently activated towers are registered with Ameriflux, a Department of Energy Office of Biological and Environmental Research (BER) funded network of PI-managed sensor sites measuring greenhouse gas, water, and energy fluxes for the American continents.

We contribute to the Ameriflux data-sharing and data-archiving program. As data becomes available it can be accessed through our sites’ Ameriflux pages:

I will post data publishing updates here on the blog each time we process a new batch (typically yearly). To stay in the loop please follow me on Twitter.


In addition to the environmental and meteorological sensors, each of our towers also has a PhenoCam installed. A PhenoCam is a near-surface remote sensing digital camera used for making measurements of phenology (the timing of ecological events, such as leaf out). For a “live” look at what our towers are seeing right now, click here .

All data and imagery from our PhenoCams are uploaded in near real time to the National Science Foundation funded PhenoCam network. To download previous imagery, preliminary Region of Interest (ROI) timeseries data, or their formally curated dataset please visit our PhenoCams pages:

Data Sharing Opportunities

If you are interested in a collaboration or accessing additional data (ecological/meteorological) please reach out to me or our lab’s principal investigator, Dr. Tom O’Halloran.