Hello. I'm Jeremy, a Research Associate at NAU researching how fire and climate change affects the Arctic/Boreal region.

New Publication : Energy availability and leaf area dominate control of ecosystem evapotranspiration in the Southeastern U.S.

We present a multi-ecosystem regional synthesis study that indicates that water availability may not be the main limiting factor of ET in the humid southeastern U.S. region. Our findings support that these ecosystems are generally “energy limited”, and as a result monthly and annual ET in the Southeast can be reliably estimated by atmospheric demand alone without, considering precipitation.

Thank you to Dr. Maricar Aguilos and the rest of the team!

New Publication : Mapping natural forest stands with low cost drones.

We used a low cost hobby drone to produce high resolution aerial photographs of a 12 ha mature longleaf pine (Pinus palustris) stand. The photos were combined into orthophoto mosaics and digital surface models to produce repeatable crown maps. Repeated flights allowed the use of tree phenology to separate longleaf from loblolly (Pinus taeda) and pond (Pinus serotina) pines, as well some hardwood species.